Spring Tine Harrow

Our new spring tine Harrow getting its first use this morning. 

This will be used to rake up lateral growth. And will help achieve firmer whispier roughs, also encouraging wild flowers to establish in the gaps created in the sward. The machine can also be adjusted to rake more aggressively making overseeding possible. Semi-roughs will also be raked to stand grasses before cutting.


Greens testing

  After a nice spell of weather green speeds, soil temperatures, firmness and moisture readings continue to improve. 

Green speeds of 9′ 3″ were measured on Dunluce today  and 9′ 5″ on the Valley greens

Soil temperatures average 13.3 degrees C which should result in good germination after recent over-seeding 

Greens moisture is down to an average of 25% which is still a little high but an improvement on winter readings of 35%

Gravities/firmness readings are up from 75 to 91 

All positive improvements after a wet winter!

Verti-cutting on Dunluce

A great effort from the greens staff today verti-cutting, brushing and cutting all greens and fairways on Dunluce. This operation has worked the grass into an upright position and encourages upright growth resulting in better overall presentation of the links. It is important to do this work before germination of seed recently sown. Golfers will benefit from better lies on fairways and more consistent, truer ball roll on greens.  


Over-seeding of driving range tee

Golfers may notice regularly spaced slits in the turf on the links, this is caused by the tractor mounted seeder pictured below. The slits are made by a row of disks and the seed is inserted from the disk and also rolled in one easy operation. These areas on pathways and driving range tee have also been fertilised with a 6 month controlled release fertiliser. This can be seen in a small round prill spread across the ground. This fertiliser is required on grass paths to cope with the intensive wear received through the playing season. Tees have also received a lighter controlled release granular fertiliser with over-seeding of tees planned for next week.



Watering in of newly seeded 3rd green

lots of overseeing is being carried out over both the Dunluce and the valley Courses with greens surrounds and all grass walkways recieving treatment. This will heal quickly with little disruption to play. 

The green surrounds have higher percentages of annual meadow grass which could be seen in thinned surfaces during winter months. This was largely due to excessive wear from turning of greens machines. Greater care is now being taken when mowing greens and the introduction of more fescue will provide a firmer and a better surface year round.

Greens speeds are good for the time of year with an average of 9′ 1 being recorded. Greens are becoming truer every day as maintenance treatments begin to intensify.

Dunluce Greens 1,3 & 4 were over seeded last week but putting surfaces remain true.