Dunluce 8th & 14th

The 8th green on Thursday after removal of rootzone and sand below re-contoured. Roughs slabs are being re-laid on surrounding areas ready for rootzone to be re-laid then turfing starts on Tuesday.

New 14th championship tee with mound slabbed with rough vegetation, turf laying next.

Great Progress

Great progress has been made with the Dunluce 2nd hole where the turf  and rootzone was stripped on Friday and Saturday, new rootzone mix screened and is now being laid on the newly shaped green site. There are 2 new bunkers which can be seen on the right and large run offs to the left of the green to take a stray ball away from the green. Rootzone will be spread on the approach tomorrow and the green site will be prepared and ready for turf. All greens turf will be back down for this weekend.

The Dunluce 8th green has been stripped of turf and rootzone and will be re laid next week.

Works are almost complete on the Valley course now with 3 new holes now growing in, just tee tops and grass paths left to turf.

Martin Ebert admiring his new mode of transport, the Royal Portrush bike.

Irish Links Initiative

100 delegates visited Royal Portrush this week for a 2 day conference discussing the course changes, ecology and agronomy. Thanks to Martin Ebert, Marcus Terry. Alistair Beggs and Bob Taylor of the STRI, great 2 days had by all.