New Dunluce 8th hole

After a huge effort from 1st golf construction rough shaping is now complete on the new 8th hole. 

Martin Ebert will visit tomorrow to approve the shape before the new rootzone mix can be spread.

View of the new fairway from 13 green with a drive bunker being cut in on the right

View from the front of what will be the new main tee

Marcus Terry (lead shaper) admiring his work

Don’t miss the green left!

Dunluce 16th

The greens staff began reconstruction of the greenside bunker on the current 16th/new 18th today. The bunker was deep with steps as access. We plan to raise the base and re-grade the surrounding soil. The new bunker will now be visible from the left side of the fairway and the entrance shallower with no steps.


View from 13th green to new par 4 8th

The changeable weather over the last fortnight had done little to slow progress As all Maaram grass slabs have now been removed allowing earth works to begin. The fairway will be shaped over the next few weeks ready for the new rootzone to be spread.

All vegetation removed has been re-laid as 8″ thick slabs to complete other work areas meaning that there is no waste and little impact the environment.

Valley 5th & 6th

Valley holes 5 and 6 have now closed and turf is now being stripped to complete other areas within the course changes. 

The soil will then be removed to make the new rootzone mixes for the 2 new Dunluce fairways. 

Lots of work ahead.