Lovely day in Portrush!

View looking back toward tees on what will the Open 7th, rootzone stockpiles are now mixed and ready to spread on the new greens. The Sea Buckthorn on the dune in the distance will be reduced in size and the dune will be sprigged with maraam as it was 50 years ago. On the top of the dune the roots will be left in the ground and treated. This will allow the dune to re-establish with maraam grass as the roots decompose in the sand meaning that stabilisation of the dune is not lost.
New Valley 16th from the front of the championship tee, the angle of the hole will require better accuracy from the tee. It will be a nervy tee shot towards the end of the round, don’t go right….

View from Open 12th looking across the course towards the Skerries islands, the stand of buckthorn is to be reduced in size and this will be Maaram grassed which will enhance the dune and improve the overall view across the course.

Stripping back of bracken and bramble has begun left of the 1st fairway, this was done by removing the vegetation and burying. The sand won is then used to sand cap the area to a depth of 1M. This will be lightly sprig he’d with Maaram and allowed to slowly regenerate with wild flowers and fescue.

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