Construction progress

New championship tee for the Dunluce Open 18th hole  
  The new recreated “big Nellie” bunker on the new Dunluce par 5 7th
Some of the rough translocation material being moved into place. The new bunker in the images above have been created using this method and it looks as if it has been there for years, really incredible to see this work done so neatly with an excavator.

6 thoughts on “Construction progress

  1. You and your staff are doing great work. Enjoy your blog and follow daily. Playing Portrush in mid-May. Any possibility of temporary greens on the new number 7 and 8, or will we play 16 holes?


    • Hi Malcolm, thank you we have been very busy but everything is starting to take shape. The new 7th & 8th will remain closed until May 2017 but there will be 18 holes, playing the existing 17th & 18th.
      There will however still be some temporary greens on holes 2,3 & 8. The club, I would imagine discount accordingly.
      Hope you enjoy your experience at Royal Portrush. All the best for the season.


  2. Love seeing the hard work by you and your staff. Will the temporary greens for 2, 3 and 8 be in effect all year? Curious about the status for a September trip.

    Thank you for providing these pictures. Great stuff. Can’t wait to see if with my own eyes.


  3. I am considering playing the course in July 2017. What construction, if any , will be ongoing at that time? Will I be able to play all holes or will there be temporary ones? Just trying to get a fell for the condition of he course. Thanks


    • Hello Mark, all new areas should be opened and the course will be in good condition in July 2017.All new areasapart from the 2 new holes have been in play since May 2016. We plan to open the new 7th and 8th in May or June next year. These holes are almost in a playable state now.




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