Valley 3rd hole

The red gravel path has been replaced with rough vegetation and the path has been reinstated around the mounding on the right of the hole. Aesthetically the hole is much improved without the path in the sight line to the green.


New holes & gravel to grass paths

The core spreading work on the new fairways is almost complete. We have hollow cored 13 holes on the Dunluce course and 8 holes on the Valley plus the driving range to gain enough cores for the new fairways. It really has been a great effort from our own greens staff Colm Dignam and 1st golf construction to get this done. Topdressing and overseeding will continue this week on existing fairways and also the newly cores fairways.

Inscapes laying out turf on the new grass paths on the Dunluce course. This great little matchine makes turf laying easy!

New Valley 3rd tee and Open range tee

Marcus has begun work stripping the rootzone from the existing Valley 3rd tee which will be levelled with the path removed. Irrigation will be reinstalled and the rootzone relaid befor turfing.

The sand hill in front of the Valley 4th tee has been dozed out lowering the ground to improve the hole visually. The sand pushed forward from this area is being used to build up ground for the new Open range tee. 

This will be the last area in play to be completed but should be turfed in the next 3-4 weeks. 

The Open players tunnel will commence within the next few weeks once the precast sections are ready to be installed. This will take players from holes 8-9 & 10-11.

Hollow tining

Hollow tining of the Dunluce fairways and semi-rough began today. This work will continue for 10 days. The cores are being collected and used to establish the 2 new Dunluce holes the same way as the work was done on Valley last year. 

We managed to complete 105yds of fairway today from the new 7th green back towards the tee.

We have employed a new method of clearing and loading the cores quickly and efficiently. This can be seen in the video below.

There will be preferred lies in place on the Dunluce course until the holes are filled with sand and seed. 

Apologies for any inconvenience caused, hopefully it will all be worth it when the new holes open next year.

Rough management

The Greenkeepers have taken advantage of some dry weather this week by continuing some of the rough management work carried out during the winter. The roughs have been heavily trafficked in places with all of the work carried out on the courses and this week was a good time to get the spring time Harrow out again to stand grasses and overseed some thin areas in the roughs.

The greens are improving again after the recent tining work and another topdressing application on Monday will make surfaces smoother and truer.

Cutting heights are still at winter settings and continuing this for the next 2-3 weeks will benefit the finer grasses and greens will perform better in the summer.