New holes & gravel to grass paths

The core spreading work on the new fairways is almost complete. We have hollow cored 13 holes on the Dunluce course and 8 holes on the Valley plus the driving range to gain enough cores for the new fairways. It really has been a great effort from our own greens staff Colm Dignam and 1st golf construction to get this done. Topdressing and overseeding will continue this week on existing fairways and also the newly cores fairways.

Inscapes laying out turf on the new grass paths on the Dunluce course. This great little matchine makes turf laying easy!

2 thoughts on “New holes & gravel to grass paths

  1. Great work done by all not easy to keep an eye on so much. Someone asked what the blue and red triangular flags were for , couldn’t remember if irrigation or electrical line?
    Away from the subject and probably no time but re hawthorn hedge up side of first he was worried if it was not cut back a bit the roots would loosen by the wind sway. I said I would mention it hope you don’t mind . Tom T


    • Hawthorn hedge at the side of the first, if it is the newly planted one was cut 3 weeks ago. Roots should be well developed now.
      The small flags signify irrigation sprinkler heads or they are also used to mark out fairways etc by the architect.


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