Stunning morning on the links

We have made great strides on the golf course over the last 2 weeks as green staff have worked exceptionally hard on presentation, the construction is coming to an end as the contractors continue with the snagging work and the finer details of the project.

The rise in temperatures has seen new seedlings establish throughout the links. The density of the turf has almost returned to summer playing conditions and greens have refined well over the last week or so. Greens on the Dunluce links are reading at 10 feet with the Stimp meter this morning and heights of cut remain at 5mm.

Seedlings can be seen establishing in every hole made on our Dunluce green surrounds

Chris, our irrigation technician checking his tank

Dunluce links wild flowers

Wild flowers (including common twayblade orchid) are appearing all over the links and also in translocated turf which has been lifted and re-laid. 

This supports the clubs reasons for lifting and relaying rough in 8″ thick slabs. Wild flowers and maraam grass returns as the whole profile is undisturbed.

Topdressing of greens 

It was a great day out on the links today with course staff making the best of some dry weather.

Dunluce greens have been dusted with sand and greens are now becoming very true and smooth. Stimp meter readings today were 10 feet with cutting heights still at 5mm.

Turfing work has been finished on the Open range tee with over 2000m2 of tee turf laid. Great effort by 1st Golf.

New Open range tee 

1st golf construction have been working hard finishing off the new Open range tee on the Valley 4th hole. The final grades have been achieved using a levelling bar on an excavator with a 360 degree rotating attachment and turf laid straight away.

Amazing to watch.