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What will be the new par 5 7th starting to really take shape and looking very green!! #148th…

Root development on New Valley 15th & 18th greens

Great to see so much root development on our new greens, these have only really had 5 months of growing conditions since laying and have been open since the beginning of May. Keeping the heights of cut up until 2 weeks ago has meant that the energy can go into root development rather than using energy trying to regrow lost leaf. 

Also see the top dressings that have been applied with a layer of 11mm of fresh sand at the surface. 

Dry surfaces = healthy turf

New Open short game area

Taken this morning, the green is almost complete and through the day the whole surrounding area has been prepped for hydro-seeding this evening. There are 3 green side bunkers with some interesting swails around the green. 

The green is 550m2 with the total are covering 3000m2. 

It will be fantastic to see all of the practice facilities within 100yds of the main range tee.

Players Tunnel

Work is progressing well with the players tunnel as ground levels are set. The prefabricated sections will be dropped in in the next 2 weeks and the sections will be covered with sand dune and finished with slabs of marram grass. This work will allow players from green to tee while spectators use the sand dune for viewing.

We plan for members and visitors to use a grass path laid through the dunes and the tunnel will be in use for championships only.

New location for maintenance facilities.

Work is due to start on the new maintenance facility next Monday after base approval of levels today. The new buildings will be located through the current driving range and will be set into the dunes screening them completely from the course.

There may be a little more traffic than usual through the road by the short game area but this will not impact on play.

Completion will be the 19th December 

(in for Christmas 🏡🎁)