Golf Digest favourite Open Championship venues

A Golf Digest article written by David Owen lists his personal favourite Open Championship venues.

Please find the link below:

HRH visits RPGC

Amazing to have the Queen and Prince Philip visit the golf club this week for lunch. 

New club Instagram page

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What will be the new par 5 7th starting to really take shape and looking very green!! #148thā€¦

Root development on New Valley 15th & 18th greens

Great to see so much root development on our new greens, these have only really had 5 months of growing conditions since laying and have been open since the beginning of May. Keeping the heights of cut up until 2 weeks ago has meant that the energy can go into root development rather than using energy trying to regrow lost leaf. 

Also see the top dressings that have been applied with a layer of 11mm of fresh sand at the surface. 

Dry surfaces = healthy turf