STRI Testing

We were visited today by Alistair Beggs and Richard Windows of the STRI. Working on behalf of the R&A, Alistair and Richard visit 4 times per year walking the course and collecting data assisting us in course preparations for the Open.

Greens are tested with the smoothness, trueness meter pictured. Firmness readings are taken with the clegg hammer and moisture and stimp readings also taken throughout the course.

We are currently using the toro precision sense unit throughout the course for the second time mapping the course for moisture and firmness pictured above. These amazing pieces of kit allow us to accurately adjust cultural practices for optimum performance of the course and gain consistency throughout.

Treatments on the course this season have seen us gain much more consistency on putting surfaces especially with readings within open perameters for general day to day play.

Course Update

Greens have continued to improve this season with graminicide application and over-seeding improving the botanical composition. Botanical composition of the greens is somewhere between 80-85% fescue. 

The new putting greens are growing in well and the Dunluce putting green has been treated with graminicide to remove coarse grass.

New holes are growing in well now with good coverage through fairways. Semi roughs need to be over-seeded and some granular fertiliser to improve density.

Construction of the players tunnel is complete and reinstatement work has begun covering with sand and reinstating dunes over the top.

Valley greens Rescue Treatment

After a successful treatment on the Valley 5th green, we plan to extend treatment to all of the Valley greens over the course of the remainder of the season. Greens will be sprayed 4 or 5 at a time starting with 2, 3, 8, 14, 18.

This work will achieve a more consistent surface and improve general green speed.

After treatment of the 5th green, the ball roll is truer with an extra 7 inches gained with the stimp meter. Surfaces of greens and especially greens surrounds will appear a little brown after treatment but over-seeding will soon improve this look.

Over time this work will make a great improvement to the Valley greens for players!

Captains Day + Update

After a busy weekend on the links some maintenance work was carried out today top dressing greens, cutting hedges and improving on general presentation.

36 stableford points won Captains day on Saturday on a windy afternoon. Greens cut and rolled and were stimping at 10 feet 4 inches.

Progress continues with the new maintenance facility along with the players tunnel..