Original Valley 18th green

Although no longer part of the Valley course, the green and its surrounds were reinstated this week after using the 18th for the new Open short game area. 

It was a great effort by the team to re-lay the green in a little over a day and another day to lay surrounds and tie in turf around the edges.

This green will not be used again for sometime so we were able to use the turf from the tee complex which was as good as anywhere on the Valley course. Some of the surrounds were turfed with the new nursery seeded out last year.

Rescue treatment and oversee ding next spring will bring this turf in line with the ready of the Valley links.

Winter work programme & and 9th tee re-built

With tees 5&6 now complete on the Dunluce course we have been busy levelling the 9th tees. 

The main tee has been levelled out on the left hand side making room for a path on the right. The levels on the tee have been improved meaning that we have more playable area and are now able to keep some traffic off the tee surface.

The championship tee has been levelled and will be completed with imported turf along with the 14th.

Rough management work is ongoing and this spell of dry weather has been ideal. The roughs are beginning to thin with the  yield of grass reducing year on year. 

After the first cut the machine will be fitted with scarifying blades and a second cut will remove more vegetation before repeated spring tine harrowing early next year.

New Maintenance Facility

Work building the new Greenkeepers facilities is going very well with the large pour of concrete for the main floor being carried out today and tomorrow. The concrete is poured and power floated while adding some extra material to finish the floor to 60 newton.​​ 

Contractors are working through the night polishing the concrete to achieve a perfect surface.

Fibre ducting and Tee levelling work

Since October Abbotts have been installing fibre optic ducting throughout the links. 

Two lines of 60mm ducting are being mole ploughed around the perimeter of Dunluce links where spurs will reach more localised areas within the course.

This week on the course we are levelling the par 3 6th tee on Dunluce which will be complete by the weekend. The banking on the left side has been softened and graded into the grass path.