Original Valley 18th green

Although no longer part of the Valley course, the green and its surrounds were reinstated this week after using the 18th for the new Open short game area. 

It was a great effort by the team to re-lay the green in a little over a day and another day to lay surrounds and tie in turf around the edges.

This green will not be used again for sometime so we were able to use the turf from the tee complex which was as good as anywhere on the Valley course. Some of the surrounds were turfed with the new nursery seeded out last year.

Rescue treatment and oversee ding next spring will bring this turf in line with the ready of the Valley links.

One thought on “Original Valley 18th green

  1. A real shame that we will no longer be using this hole. One of the best short holes you could ever have played. Nothing tested a golfers resolve more than standing on the top championship tee during North of Ireland qualifying into the prevailing wind needing a 3 to make the cut and having to hit a long iron or wood to try to land on what looked like the bonnet of a car. Great memories !

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