More small improvements

The unused men’s winter tee on the Valley Links has been removed, re-shaped and marram sprigged. The tee was unused due to safety for golfers on and around the green so it made sense to remove the tee and use the turf elsewhere.

The tie in to the surround to the rear of Dunluce 12th green where last years haul route passed through has been re-shaped and re-turfed back to its original shape.

The Greenkeepers have done a great job cutting back all of the sea buckthorn by hand. Cutting is almost complete and tidying work will be completed in the next 2 weeks.

Sea Buckthorn Clearance

50% of the Sea buckthorn on the dune at white rocks was removed in 2016 and work has now begun removing the remaining bushes. 

The vegetation will be removed above ground and stumps treated with glyphosate, leaving the roots in the ground to keep the dune stable whilst marram grass re-establishes on the exposed dune.

Winter has arrived

Some great work has been carried out by our dedicated team this week in spite of high winds, and hail showers.

The steps to the 5th tee on Dunluce have been replaced.

An old winter tee right of Dunluce 1st green has been removed and the ground re-shaped. This had a sharp banking relatively close to the green which was virtually unplayable if chipping into the green.

The Valley 1st tee is almost complete with  the winter tee also aligned with the fairway and the mounding and hollow on the left re-shaped.

The area around the Valley starters building has been stripped of turf, re-shaped and will be turfed to create a rye grass path to the Skerries surrounded by fescue.

The winter tee on the 2nd has been removed as this was never used as it allowed players to cut the corner with a drive which endangered players on the fairway, this will be re-shaped and sprigged with marram grass.

Steep mounds surrounding Dunluce fairways and greens have been strummed and grass collected. Some of these areas have had no rough management due to the severity of the slopes and the turf has become soft which would make it difficult  to find a ball. Some of these areas may be cut and collected again before the start of the season to aid denitrification of the soil. Graminicide will be sprayed where needed to remove Yorkshire fog and rye grass.

Sunday golf..

A nice way to see the Course and discuss work with new Deputy Course Manager Paul Lappin. Managed to scrape a half on the last…

Graminicide working well on the 8th, the course will be relatively free from rye grass this summer.

Valley Links winter program.

A bitterly cold but super afternoon spent on the Valley links reviewing our winter program. 

More improvements to make but course is looking good!

Work will soon begin removing some bushes around the links and reinstating dunes with marram and fescue. Mounding around greens shall be cut and collected before treating with graminicide.

Paths & steps will be repaired and resurfaced with some widening work carried out on the 3rd, 6th, 13th & 14th paths allowing easier access through tees.

All bunkers will be edged or re-built.

A new 1st tee along with tidying work around the starters building has improved first impressions. The 13th tee will be re-constructed next week which will see the tee levelled and path widened.

The Valley greens have responded very well to recent graminicide treatment which will be repeated in the spring making it far easier to maintain good green speed throughout the season.

Happy New Year!

2016 was a great year at the golf club with major course and clubhouse redevelopment all being fully opened for the beginning of the golfing season.

2017 should be a more settled season with new areas maturing well and work completed throughout the links.

The tunnel works will be completed through January along with the new Greenkeepers facility. 

Once closed, the current 17th & 18th will see work begin in October filling in some bunkers, removing bushes and completing the new access roads but this will not affect play on the links.