Winter has arrived

Some great work has been carried out by our dedicated team this week in spite of high winds, and hail showers.

The steps to the 5th tee on Dunluce have been replaced.

An old winter tee right of Dunluce 1st green has been removed and the ground re-shaped. This had a sharp banking relatively close to the green which was virtually unplayable if chipping into the green.

The Valley 1st tee is almost complete with  the winter tee also aligned with the fairway and the mounding and hollow on the left re-shaped.

The area around the Valley starters building has been stripped of turf, re-shaped and will be turfed to create a rye grass path to the Skerries surrounded by fescue.

The winter tee on the 2nd has been removed as this was never used as it allowed players to cut the corner with a drive which endangered players on the fairway, this will be re-shaped and sprigged with marram grass.

Steep mounds surrounding Dunluce fairways and greens have been strummed and grass collected. Some of these areas have had no rough management due to the severity of the slopes and the turf has become soft which would make it difficult  to find a ball. Some of these areas may be cut and collected again before the start of the season to aid denitrification of the soil. Graminicide will be sprayed where needed to remove Yorkshire fog and rye grass.

3 thoughts on “Winter has arrived

  1. Sad to see if bank on the right of the first green on Dunluce beside winter second tee is decreased as there is no protection to the green on the right side other than the ridge and the bank. If one goes there as a bale out one should have to accept the difficulty of the chip shot. Tom Turner


    • Mr Turner,

      The idea would be to allow the area rear and right of the green to grow to seed head making the long rough protection for the green.
      We plan to spray off the weeds on the newly seeded area and re-turf the right hand side with quality fescue/bent turf.

      We felt that the steep bank looked a little artificial.


      • Thanks Graeme for the prompt reply. Excellent communication, sometimes difficult to appreciate change, especially of a challenging area. Thank you for your explanation and congrats to all your team for the great work done. Tom

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