Course Update

Greens are wintering well although the last 2 weeks of wind have tested the turf. The easterly winds bring cool temperatures and low wind chill. The greens and turf in general thinned last march due to this easterly wind. This year we applied a low nitrogen application of organic fertiliser to the greens in early january which has had a positive effect.

As we would tend to be one of the last courses to get any spring growth we have adjusted our seed mixes for this year. All species and cultivars have varying qualities which means that bespoke seed mixes can be obtained to suit our site.

Some of the new greens will continue to be rested through February and March in order to start the season well. These greens had very little time to establish before opening last spring and although they performed relatively well during the season they were tired by autumn.

Mounding to the right of Dunluce 7th will be extended slightly to wrap around the 8th tee which should be completed this week along with the fairway turfing work. The area of rough just before the mounding is of poor quality and will be stripped with some sand added to remove a sharp (man made) banking. This small area will be completed by our own course staff.

The area of lowered mounding to the left of Dunluce 13th is almost at its finished level and some marram sprigging will be carried out to complete the area although there will be some bare sand visible from the tee.

The new Greenkeepers facility is almost complete with the last of the tarmac to go down tomorrow and the Waste2water recycling plant commissioned tomorrow. We should be in our new home by the end of next week.

3 thoughts on “Course Update

  1. Hi Graeme
    Great work with course renovations and taking the up keep of RPGC to another level.

    Can we possibly see the new greens that were relaid, especially the 8th and what you and design team have done?



  2. Graeme

    Looks fantastic, some work by you and your team, cannot wait to get back home for a game this summer.

    Can you help settle a debate, what is the current mix of grass on the greens?

    Thanks Gavin


    • Gavin, sorry for the delay.
      The botanical composition of the greens is predominantly fescue approx 80% with some poa and a small percentage of bent.
      Hope this is of help.
      If you don’t mind me asking, why the debate?


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