Course & Construction Update

The greenkeeping team moved into the new facilities last week and were today joined by Darren Clarke, Stephen Watson of the BBC and some of the key people involved in the construction.

Some great work has been carried out over the last 2 weeks.

Dunluce links has seen the last of the members tees levelled and re-turfed which brings us to a total of 8 tees plus additional winter tees throughout the 2 courses.

The team have done a super job!

Bushes have been removed throughout the links using a 5 ton digger and cleared areas have been sprigged with marram grass by our divotting team.

Due to the Course changes new yardage and information posts were required for both courses and also new directional signage. Arnold Shaw, one of our Greenkeepers has taken on all of the construction of bins, signs and tee posts. He has a purpose built workshop in the new sheds to carry out his work.

Our new grinders were installed this week with our own mechanic Stephen Walker and Scott Purdy of Bernhards grinders. We have a dedicated grinding facility which will keep noise to a minimum.

Construction of new spectator walkways has continued along with reinstatement of haul routes. The pathways constructed, once finished are subtle and very well hidden.

All greens were aerated to a depth of 200mm in December using a 12mm diameter tine. This has been carried out again on the Dunluce greens but this time with a smaller 8mm diameter tine. Greens were then ironed and are very true for the time of year.

Dunluce greens 2 & 8 have been tined to a depth of 200mm with a 16mm diameter solid tine and holes sand filled. It is a tedious job for the greens staff but the benefit will be seen this spring/summer

New fairways will be sprayed with rescue graminicide tomorrow to remove any rye grass present. In the coming weeks the fairways will then be solid tined, seeded and topdressed.

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