Morning set up and more

Mowing all areas is always priority on the worksheet after a bank holiday weekend.

Trimming sprinkler heads also commenced today, which is a labour intensive job considering there are over 2,000 sprinkler heads to be cleaned and trimmed. Not everyone’s favourite task but an important one all the same.

Dunluce 12th green

Dunluce 3rd green, laid and opened last year, this greeen is now in line with the other Dunluce greens. Although the green putted well it was still a little weaker than other greens. 

An area where sand was gained for some Course development has been turned into an environmentally beneficial area by allowing broken turfs to retain sand but creating sand areas for sand mining bees, wild flowers and sheer edges for sand martins to nest.

New paths

Now that the tunnel has been closed, the members path can be completed allowing players to return to the original hole numbering before new 7th & 8th open on the 24th June.

50% of the new pathway is now complete leaving the remainder to be poured this week.  The path was cleaned after laying and once the colour dulls slightly all should blend well with the marram grass surroundings. Additional marram may be sprigged into bankings this winter.

Saturday morning set up

Greens staff are now back on summer hours, with the full team in every Saturday. As Saturday is the members main competition day it is our most important day for course set up, both courses holes are changed and tees serviced.

Dunluce greens are pedestrian cut and rolled with the 1st tee also pedestrian cut. 

Tunnel ends taking shape