New paths

Now that the tunnel has been closed, the members path can be completed allowing players to return to the original hole numbering before new 7th & 8th open on the 24th June.

50% of the new pathway is now complete leaving the remainder to be poured this week.  The path was cleaned after laying and once the colour dulls slightly all should blend well with the marram grass surroundings. Additional marram may be sprigged into bankings this winter.

2 thoughts on “New paths

  1. Should be a much better surface than the gravel which was noisy and labour intensive. Thought it was the rubberised surface but seems hard surface. Will grip be ok in winter?


    • Dr Turner,
      I agree, the gravel is noisy and tends to spread over playing surfaces too.
      Winter grip should be very good as the surface is concrete with shell and flint.
      It may be a little slippery in frost but this will have to be a maintenance job for our staff in the mornings. We may spread a little sand through the surface when very cold weather is forecast.


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