Aeration work

Solid tining work has been carried out on all greens over the last 2 days. The work has been done using our Toro Procore machines, using 8mm tines to a depth of 3.5″.

This work causes very little disruption to the greens surface and once surfaces are rolled, cut and rolled a second time the greens then putt as before. Below are some photos of the process.

This work is vital to maintain healthy turf for a number of key reasons

Improved air exchange 

Improved surface drainage

Reduction in soil compaction

Improved nutrient uptake through soil

Increased microbial activity thus a reduction in thatch

Stronger rooting
A similar treatment is being carried out on our grass paths which enevitably are more likely to become compacted.

Pathways are being aerated with 1/2″ tines to a depth of 5″.

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