Winter Work and Phase 2 Update

Phase 2 works have been moving along nicely as well as our winter work programme which has meant that the course staff have been as busy as we would be mid summer, as a result, apologies for the lack of posts recently.

Despite wide spread frost through the UK and Ireland we have remained relatively unaffected.

The courses have been very busy throughout the Christmas period which has resulted in additional wear to the links.

The new Dunluce Greens 2 & 10 have been rested and as a result have strengthened and density has returned.

We have concentrated on bunker repairs, re-turfing work and tee levelling. Also the Valley 15th green was lifted, re-contoured and re-laid using the old Dunluce 17th green.

Here are some pictures of the recent work ;

Work still to be completed include greenside bunker on Dunluce 14th, 2x greenside on Valley 15th and some removal of bushes.

New steps to new tees on Dunluce and the Valley.

Completion of new drinking fountains and completion of spectator villages before road surfaces are finished with tarmac.

Works on the new roads are likely to be complete for May but all sections within the course will be done first.

One thought on “Winter Work and Phase 2 Update

  1. Good work Graeme and team, the low winter sun makes great links courses look even more spectacular. Personal note, i am glad to hear about the re contouring of the valley 15th green. I might now actually manage a par there from now on ! 🙂

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