Did we miss Spring?

Seems strange that recently we had frost and cold northerly winds which meant that winter playing conditions continued for a month longer than normal.

This was taken early this bank holiday Monday from the 5th green. To think I came to work with a coat on.. it was almost 20 degrees by the time I left in the morning.

New Dunluce 7th looking back towards the tee. The new fairways tend to dry down a little quicker than others, which is normal for a new hole.

Last week Trevor finished the mammoth task of over-seeding, which has been carried out using the procore to Dunluce, Valley and Skerries greens & surrounds, tees, grass paths and weak areas. Both machines have been out when weather conditions allowed since the beginning of April.

Work being carried out on the Valley 14th, Andy walking the procore to the next grass path and Gary cutting the fairway.

This is the greenside bunker on 11 which was re-built this winter and looks quite good I think now that the rough has begun to grow in on the top.

A recent visit from the BBC to view the course changes.

Sand Martins have found a home in our topsoil stockpile where overnight we had a dozen nests so the area has been protected until nesting is over. Some sand areas through the Valley also have large numbers of sand martins. Bare sand areas, although they may not look like, they are great natural habitat for these birds.