North of Ireland Championship

Another fine week of weather for the North of Ireland Championship the competitors were lucky enough to play in benign conditions.

The course is as firm as most can remember yet we have been able to use just enough water to keep the turf alive.

2 weeks ago we began lightly watering landing areas morning and evening to aid germination of divots as this is the down side to these drought conditions.

Greens were rolling at 10′ 2″ at the beginning of the week increasing to 10′ 6″ by the final day on Friday.

Paul, waiting for the hole paint to dry a little before the next coat.

Valley 4th on Qualifying days

Graeme gave up some of his down time for a photo shoot on Wednesday

1st tee looking a little parched

Dunluce 4th green on Monday

Gary taking care of Dunluce approaches

Ben keeping a close eye on dry areas on Dunluce

2 thoughts on “North of Ireland Championship

  1. After many years wanting, I am going to visit RP in 2019 for the open. Apparently my Grandfather was coursemanager in the mid 50s. His name was Archie Young. Sadly their is no family left alive to quiz however I do believe I have a golfers handbook somewhere with him in it for 1956 i believe! Be great if you have any archives?!

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