Dunluce winter works

Prioritised winter work on Dunluce is nearing completion which include, rough management, bunker re-builds, turfing and topdressing. We have been lucky, with no major frost delaying work, but staff have worked through wind and rain to complete all work in areas which we consider to be “in play”.

Contractors have been on site for the last few months carrying out additional ground works to spectator areas, tunnel, fibre for WiFi and other services.

The drainage project on the Valley was the Greenkeepers major task this winter which was carried out and completed through November.

Stream extension is now complete on the 12th meaning that shots which miss the green short right may now find the stream.

Bunker 3rd greenside

Bunker re-build left of 5, and the bunker on the right is now also complete.

Bunker re-build on the 3rd

All cut grass on both courses have been top-dressed and brushed using our new Weidenmann terra brush.

New bunker re-build on the left of 4 was previously hidden from view. We have raised the left side to give a view from the tee.

New semi-rough mower arrived this week.

Bunker re-build right of the 1st fairway creates a stronger challenge with the base being lowered slightly.

Bunker re-build short left of 15 green will be completed on Monday.

10 thoughts on “Dunluce winter works

    • Hi, the stream looks very similar to before but has been extended by 6 yards in the same direction but now it is more likely to catch a ball running off the approach or even the edge of the green. The apron has been mown to just above the stream.
      I have that game..kids got x box one for Christmas, the game is great!


      • many tks been working on it for 4 months now,shame the game not got pot bunkers but its shaping up very good,hopefully be finished in about another month.you haven’t got a old green guide book handy anywhere have you.


      • Yep i have done muirfield,Birkdale,turnberry,Troon and RSG with them,they said there version is outdated and won’t send due to the 2 new holes,just wanted some info on the other old 16 greens still there.ive got loads of pictures from the booklet and the open day,but nothing like the real guide to get things even closer.if you go to HB forum link hee just posted a picture of the 16th Calamity from the white tee,and the 8th and 10th green.


        Again tks for info just measuring brook out now.


      • No worries ill go with the all the pics i have then i will update the course when the open is finished and get all the info of sky’s coverage,You have an amazing course there did not realise how good it was to i did the routeing of course in the game,just hope the wind blows in july for you.


      • the blog is more than helpful more photo’s the better,have a great 6 months leading up to the open must be exciting times there.


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