64 Days to go.

With a little over 2 months until the Open Championship begins the R&A, Greenkeepers and contractors are working tirelessly to ensure that we are on on schedule to deliver the Championship and exceed expectation.

Conditions have been excellent for the build and some reasonable temperatures should now promote some growth for our staff to begin the final polish to surfaces.

The putting surfaces are strong for the time of year in Portrush as our growing season is later than most of the UK and Ireland.

The small percentage of annual meadow grass is now seeding which is normal for the time of year and as this ends later this month the annual meadow grass with refine while fescue strengthens.

The 1st fairway earlier this week.

I have been surprised by how close spectators will get to the action. There should be an amazing atmosphere in the grandstand surrounding 18th green.

As planned, the front 9 of the Valley Links closes tomorrow afternoon due to infrastructure build.

2 thoughts on “64 Days to go.

  1. Graeme the place looks fantastic and yes the atmosphere around that last green will be incredible… you can hear it now….”Winner of the gold medal and champion golfer of the year is……”
    Thanks for another update and the great work you and the team are doing.


  2. A fascinating blog, thank you, and hope that the weather is kind over the final countdown. I had the pleasure of playing the course a few years ago and saw the new par 5 unfolding as though it had always been there along the dunes – imagine even the top pros are going to be a tad nervy on that tee if there is a proper wind blowing at them!

    You read in the press sometimes about players coming to recce by playing Open courses well ahead of the main event i.e. before the official practice days. Is this true? If so, be interesting to know how this gets ‘policed’? (Would love to be the person collecting Tiger’s green fee!)

    All the best for the Open.


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