3 weeks to go..

At last, some reasonable temperatures and with it the some growth. Spring has been colder than we would have liked with 4 inches of rain through June.

Even though this is not ideal preparation for a major golf event we are happy with the course, but a dry July would be very welcome.

We have been working on refinement of all managed turf surfaces with verti-cutting and brushing. Some light sand dressings have been applied throughout the Links, and all areas received their last light fertiliser application before we begin polishing surfaces for the Open Championship.

Contractors are working tirelessly to complete the final structures as carpets and fittings are finished in the other structures. It really is amazing how quickly all of the infrastructure is built.

Our volunteers will arrive in 2 groups, the first of which come on the 8th July and the second group follow on the 14th where our staff will increase to 60.

We intend to have 13 people mowing greens, 10 mowing fairways and surrounds and 5 mowing tees.

Cutting heights will not vary from our normal day to day maintenance but intensity will increase with the possibility of double cutting or even evening cutting.

We will start at 4am and work until set up is complete before returning for evening set up at around 5pm. The volume of work is really dictated by the weather and possible rainfall.

The dedication shown by our own staff over the last few years is commendable and as the Championship nears, the Greenkeepers are all quite excited by the prospect of seeing the best players in the world playing on what they have been a part of producing.

Let’s hope the players enjoy the course and fingers crossed for some more sunshine!