What a Difference a Year Makes.


It’s hard to believe that a year has passed since we were preparing for the 148th Open Championship and times are now so different.

Staying home and spending time with loved ones is the most important thing at the moment but having said that, I’m sure everyone is missing the golf course, especially during such a fantastic spell of weather.

We have continued working with a reduced staff to ensure that the golf courses are maintained to some standard for play to return.

We have 7 staff working and as temperatures have remained fairly cool up until last week we have been able to carry out all of the essential maintenance necessary without too much trouble. Some areas such as bunkers will require additional work to be fit for play again when we reopen as the wind has moved most of the bunker sand around.

It really is strange to see the links unused day after day and we are looking forward to seeing our members out enjoying the courses again.

Here are a few pictures taken last week




3 thoughts on “What a Difference a Year Makes.

  1. I had the pleasure of playing my last round of 2019 at Royal Portrush. It was Christmas Eve and almost surreal as the course was pretty quiet. We were over from Canada to celebrate Christmas with family in Carrickfergus. It was a round of golf I will never forget. The course was in fantastic shape and the sun was shining. We are in the same boat back here in Canada with the courses closed. Hopefully at some point we will be back on the links. Thanks for a memory I will never forget. Stay safe and healthy. Doug Macdonald Ottawa Ont Canada

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  2. I have really enjoyed looking at the work, Graeme you and your staff have done over the last few years at royal port rush, It is a real encouragement to see the work and get ideas, and also to reaffirm the work that greenkeepers are doing on there own courses. The changes on the course for the open have really enhanced the course,Just a quick email to say that all the photos and the explanation of the work yous do is much appreciated by all greenkeepers who look at this page and encourages passionate greenkeepers in there quest to give a great golf course for their members , and gives an insight for golfers to see the hard work that greenkeepers put into their golf courses.


    • Hhi John thanks very much for taking the time to comment, quite a large number of our members travel from Belfast and are often only at the club during the weekend so I thought the blog would be a way to let them what is happening when they are not there. They seem to appreciate it.. hopefully we can get back to some king of normality soon!


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