Mowing heights

Greens have wintered reasonably well and as the fescue begins to come out of dormancy and growth becomes more apparent we begin to reduce the heights of cut.

Heights of cut were reduced from 6mm to 5.5mm 2 weeks ago and stimp readings are currently 9′. As Met office are forecasting day time temperatures of 5 degrees Celsius for next week we may hold off reducing heights further until the end of the week but green speeds of 9′ 6″ can be achieved with a little rolling.

New flags

May the golfing season begin…New flags, cups, tee markers and bins have gone out on both courses this week, followed by refurbished benches and Causway stones for tee information next week and the following week. 

Recovery of winter tees

All of our winter tees were tined and seeded 4 weeks ago and the results are very pleasing. 

Some of the smaller tees were seeded with bar Olympic which is a very fine leafed rye which can be mown at tees height. This will be a little hardier for next winter and playing surfaces should retain some density in spite of wear.

Lynx Irrigation Operating System

We have recently upgraded our Toro irrigation operating system from Sitepro to Lynx.

This is a definite upgrade and appears to be  far more user friendly. While changing the holes for the saturday competition yesterday I was able to water all of the new greens, tees and walkways from my mobile phone on the way round.

A big thank you to Adrian Mortram RHA and MJ Abbott for installation.